Radio Antioch Podcast Episode 3: More, Lord Part 2

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Episode Three of the Radio Antioch Podcast is part two of a sermon by David Cranfill entitled More, Lord!, avail in Audio format only.

The world has it’s view of what Christianity is all about, but the scripture calls us to a far different life. It is time for the church to change its thinking and begin to show the overcoming joy, love and power that is our heritage in Christ!


0:00           Intro
0.32           Having Life in Difficult times
4.33           The Dancing Mazungu
7:36           Expecting Glory in Church
10:07          The Ministry of Barbeque
13 54          Mullygrub Christians
18:28          More, Lord!
21:56          Credits

Listen Now! RA-003-More-Lord-Part-2.mp3
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