Illinois News: Radio Antioch Meets this Saturday Night

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Hello Friends,

I hope that the New Year finds you well.

Just a quick reminder for those of you who live in Northern Illinois
and Southeastern Wisconsin, we will be having our Live Radio Antioch
Meeting this Saturday night at 7 PM.

We are meeting at the  Christian Life Fellowship  church, a great local church in Antioch that lets us “borrow” their sanctuary for these meetings. Their Address is:

41625 North Deep Lake Road
Antioch, Illinois 60002

For Mapquest directions, click HERE.

To watch the teaching from the last Radio Antioch meeting, Click Here.

If you have questions, or want to get involved, please send us an e-mail.

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One Response to Illinois News: Radio Antioch Meets this Saturday Night

  1. B augustyniak says:

    Dave, I cannot help but think that our Lord is taking us through an ” Egyptian experience” in this coming year. By that I mean a period of leanness before
    we can then again experience a period of dynamic blessing in our own individual
    spiritual growth regimens. It is an amazing fact you find when you examine the rings of a fallen tree. That among the rings found on the trees cross section, the thicker ones in the pattern are not actually those that experienced more bountiful years of growth. They are instead those years following an extremely hard season,where the tree has had to adapt to harsh conditions. Then in in the years following, can only then truly appreciate the nutrients, the moisture, and the beneficial growing environment in which it has found itself rooted. It is also in these lean times where the tree exerts greater effort to put it’s roots down even deeper in the soil. This establishes an even more firmer foundation, to withstand against the storms that would try to prevail
    against it. I firmly believe that we the “church” have become to “fat” in this past decade, and we can now choose to either “put down our roots deeply” or to continue to on with our formula of “business as usual” and then be subject to the outcome of the forthcoming storms that will be facing in our futures. B.C.A.