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PMI Glory Institute 1519 East Main Street
St Charles IL 60174
NOV 11-14
Friday 10 AM 2 PM and 7 PM
Sat 9 30 Am 2 AM 7 PM

Sunday 1030 Am 630 PM




Did you know that Grace has realms?
Are you aware that Grace is present to Assist you in do the very things God has called you too?
This Encounter is destined to help you archive, that dimension
of the Holy Spirit
To Walk and Live in Grace as a way of life .
GRACE is the actions of Gods Favor upon His People ! You are destined for Favor!
It is..unmerited Divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification
We all have been facing days of uncertainty and some moments of fear may have crept in.
Therefor we have seen Gods grace come to us changing His people depositing more faith and more Assistance from above!
This Encounter might just prove to be the very thing You need
Activation of Gods Grace shed abroad in our Hearts will be the focus in these Meetings Each speaker has been hand chosen by our Lord to promote HIS Agenda of” Great Grace” the sufficiency oflife ..These Speakers all carry a quality of Grace that will permit Holy Spirits Grace to Fall UPON YOU! Expect a deposit of this grace will be given freely By He who IS Grace


Genesis 39:4 And Joseph found grace in his sight, and he served him: and he made him overseer over his house, and all that he had he put into his hand.


Ephesians 4 :7 But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.


PMI Glory Institute 1519 East Main Street St Charles Il 60174


Theresa Phillips Is an Ordained Apostle under Dr. Renny Mclean of Global Glory Ministries. She is Senior Pastor and founder of Praise Ministries International Glory Institute in St Charles, IL and has served there for 19 years. Her ministry spans 23 years seeing many signs and wonders including 8 risen from the dead. She has authored 8 books, recorded 1 album, and is often commissioned to write poetry. Her Knowledge of GOD’s Glory and His Ever Advancing Monarchy of Heaven is known by many. She is a regular contributor to the Elijah List and online publication of Prophetic Insights. She is also the editor of, an on line publication of Prophecy and Prophetic Glory. Theresa often moves in The Prophetic Gifts and Word of Knowledge. Her husband Sir Robert Phillips accompanies her with his Shofar and is often referred to as her rock. “When he blows the Shofar Angels enter in.” He serves at PMI as Co-Pastor and has recently been ordained under Dr. Renny McLean. Both Robert and Theresa are Ambassadors of the Atmosphere of Heaven Ministering Heaven to Earth. They have been given a Mandate from Jesus himself, with an Eye to Eye Conversation with His Majesty the King… to Advance the Monarchy of Heaven with Signs Wonders and Healings. Let’s Recieve Revelation for Revival!! is the Cry of their hearts.

Shawn Bolz, Director of Expression 58- Shawn’s passion is to influence Christians to take on their journey of intimacy with God wholeheartedly. He has used his prophetic ministry and his fresh Biblical perspective in his teaching/life coaching messages to help people come into a relational approach with God that is both organic and revelatory. Shawn has been in ministry since 1993, speaking at conferences, schools, and television programs, all with a heart for training and equipping people in their lives to further pursue God, and mentoring people in their spiritual development.

Shawn was involved in different types of leadership with Metro Christian Fellowship with Mike Bickle for eight years and then made the transition to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for four years. While there he taught in the Bible School, ministered to thousands of leaders in the body of Christ from every Christian denomination, and mentored many people. He was also known as one of the prophetic voices in Kansas City where he was involved with Shiloh and prophetic leadership. He joined the leadership team of WhiteDove Ministries in January of 2003. In his participation with the WhiteDove, he developed a leadership training internship, and helped with the team to develop their training school, along with establishing the base of ministry in Foley, Alabama. He left the WhiteDove team in 2006 to pursue starting Expression58 Ministries.

In October 2006, he founded Expression58, a missions base and church focused on training and equipping, the creative arts, the poor, and loving people in the entertainment industry. The base is now located in Hollywood, California.

Shawn has written two books: The Throne Room Company, and Keys to Heavens Economy, An Angelic Visitation from the Minister of Finance. He has also written articles for Streams AWE Magazine, the Elijah List, Morning Star Journal, Voice of Today Magazine, and WhiteDove Ministries monthly online newsletter from 2003-2006, and many other Christian publications. He has traveled across denominations, cities, countries, and age gaps on thousands of destinations. The ministry has taken him throughout Europe, South America, Canada, and the United States. He has also made television appearances on Daystar, TBN, The Miracle Channel, Extreme Prophetic, and others.
Shawn has a burning heart to see the entertainment industry and the creative arts come into a revival and has been influencing believers who are in performing arts for many years. He is currently working on television and movie projects. He currently resides in Hollywood, California.

Mel Tari – “The Dutch missionaries brought us the “Black Book” and told us that the whole Bible was the Word of God and we were to believe it. So we believed it. And if we were stupid to do so, God used even our stupidity for His glory, for by His power he proved to us that His Word is true. I praise God that no matter what the scholars in America might say about some verses, we in Indonesia have experienced all the things in Mark 16 by the power of His Holy Spirit. God through His Holy Spirit continues His work on the island of Timor and throughout Indonesia.”

Johann Schonken is a Revivalist, Missionary, Educator, Father, Husband and Friend of GOD He moves often in the prophetic He is a Man who heart is for the poor He has outreach missions across the globe His Vision to establish radio in poor countries is being fulfilled He has traveled the world with signs wonders and many miracles ! He is a graduate of Fuller and hold a Dr Degree in Theology His Passion is to winthe soul set the captive free and proclaim the GOOD NEWS

Richard Hanson is a prophetic revivalist whose ministry is touching the lives of people across the world with Gods Glory. Many are experiencing Gods Miracle working Power. God is also using Richard to bring knowledge and understanding on living in the Supernatural and manifesting the Healing Power of God. Richard’s passion is leading believers into a deeper life of intimacy with Christ and leading the lost to salvation. Richard’s desire is to see an entire Generation raised up that openly displays the raw power of God to the world.

Richard grew up in a small town in Florida where he lived most of his life. Although raised in a Christian home, his heart was far from being totally surrendered to Christ. During his early teenage years, he was mixed up in a life, which he felt had no purpose. However, God had great plans in mind for Richard; a life filled with a future and a hope. Richard had an encounter with God and surrendered his life fully to Christ. God in His great mercy begin to draw Richard into extended times of being with Him. It was out of this season of waiting on Him that God begun to put a passion in his heart to reach the world with the Glory and knowledge of God.

Richard soon began to serve in his father’s church, His Fellowship in Lady Lake Florida, where he met his wife Jodi. He led worship there for several years and in 1999 became the youth Pastor. In 2003, he was called by God to Grandville, Michigan to study at Christian Life School of Theology. Where he became Associate Director of the Healing Rooms. In 2005, Richard began to intern and personally work beside Jeff Jansen (Global Fire Ministries) and was ordained by him in 2007 and sent out under his own ministry (Richard Hanson Ministries) as an Associate minister with Global Fire Ministries.
Richard, along with his wife Jodi and Daughter Emma live in Grand Rapids, MI.

Natasja Yonce- Worship

Natasja is a child of Africa born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She’s been in some form of ministry since the age of 5 and has a passion to see the world come to know the true, passionate Jesus.At the age of 21 she signed her first Christian record deal with the acclaimed record company “Brettian Productions” in South Africa and recorded several self-composed albums while touring the globe extensively, fulfilling her passion for reaching the nations of the earth with the message of His Kingdom that is at hand and His presence that is meant to be our habitation.
Her mission statement, a simple one: “To please the Father…”
She shares the true heart of the Father with intimacy and passion and ushers the presence of the Lord, while moving in a strong prophetic anointing and preaching a life of complete surrender to Christ and habitation with the Holy Spirit.

Natasja is co-founder of Releasing Glory Ministries International with her husband Hank Yonce based in DeLand, FL where they are raising their two firebrand children.
She is currently working on releasing the new sound the Lord has birthed in her through various albums with a message of soaking intimacy and living a Kingdom life where powerful miracles, signs and wonders follow those who truly live in Him.

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