Dan Mohler and Todd White in Antioch

After the Men of Truth Men’s Conference on March 6th and 7th, Dan Mohler and Todd White stayed in Antioch for two more meetings that were open to the general public. This series has been one of the most popular of our Radio Antioch events to date, with 290 live views on the streaming video, and almost as many playbacks and downloads in the first four days after we posted the video, and we are only halfway done! Click for yourself and watch as these amazing men of God challenge your thinking and encourage your spirit!

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Podcast 24 features Dan Mohler speaking at the Radio Antioch Live! meeting Saturday night, March 6th 2010.


Podcast 25 features Todd White speaking at the Christian Life Fellowship Sunday service on March 7th, 2010.

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2 Responses to Dan Mohler and Todd White in Antioch

  1. Wow, just got done watching Dan and Todd and the power of God so strong even right here in my living room. God is everywhere we go and he can touch us anywhere. Life is very real. His gospel is very very real and there is such a thing as darkness but I know I am an overcommer and Christ lives in me. Perfect love cast out fear. The Bible says God is love so if we have Jesus living in us we have love and love covers a multitude of sin. Thanks to both Dan and Todd for comming to our church and we hope to see you again!

  2. I just love to hear God’s word over and over again. It’s refreshing and uplifting. Just to know that God loves enough enough to send his son to die for us so we can be free is enough to give up everything and follow him!