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Character at Christmas?

So how would we do in their shoes? Would we be willing on a moments notice to tell an angel it’s okay to turn my life and all of my plans and dreams upside down? Would we bow to pressure from society or family and renounce our betrothed? Would we be willing to be part of a scandal so huge people are still arguing about it two thousand years later? Would we practice self control to Honor God’s word? Would we pack up and move in the middle of the night? Would we head for a different country even if we did not know exactly where we were going?
Are we faithful enough to be used like this in the kingdom? Continue reading

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Video of our Rosh Hashana service with Moriyah Ministries

Hi Friends,
We have finally posted the video from the Amazing Rosh Hashana service that Karyn Moriyah and Moriyah Ministries did at the Radio Antioch Live! meeting on September 17th. We had some technical troubles with the recording that night. But since it was such a powerful service we have re-constructed the video file for your enjoyment and encouragement. We hope it blesses you as much as those of us who were there were blessed!
Enjoy! Continue reading

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Re-Light the fire- Return to your first love.

Remember how awesome life was when you first got saved? Everybody thought I had gone crazy. Jesus was in every one of my conversations.
I started to write that during the first weeks and months of a new Christian’s life everything seems to be almost magical….And then I corrected my language. Everything IS supernatural. Remember how even the simplest prayers seemed to be answered immediately? Continue reading

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